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Companies like
AMT, AKS, Scherzinger, ELHA, ACSYS, Human Bios, Rotamill, Sessler
already profit thereof!

What Consulting means for JL

JL International is focused on consulting for small and medium-sized businesses in branches of mechanical and process technology as well as adjoining technical industries

Even in well managed companies, structures and processes develop over the years, that are complicated, time consuming and ineffective. It is reasonable to examine existing organizations periodically. JL has experiences from various businesses. JL consults and accompanies you from the first analysis to modifications until the predicted improvements take effect.

Consulting Priorities

Company- & Management Consulting: JL supports the management to define vision & mission and to deduce the business strategy and objectives as well as to perform innovation-workshops. The afferent concept with measures for the organizational development is generated under consideration of the corporate management and culture. The subsequent optimization of structures/processes respectively change management or even redevelopment can be accompanied or guided by JL if you want.

Marketing & Sales: To achieve a profitable positioning in market segments, the necessary strategy for sales and products and the coordinated service concept are developed. JL conducts you in the process and gives impulses for the correspondent development or reorientation in planning, controlling and organization of sales, key account management and service. Required product developments can be initiated and accompanied by JL.

Controlling & Projectmanagement: JL gives recommendations and implementation-accompaniment for enhancements in the corporate management, distribution and projects by means of a customized controlling. The incoming informations for controlling as well as its results need to be easy to determine, up to date and above all easy to apply in practice. For companies with project business, JL can recommend the necessary style and scope of projectmanagement with adequate means and methods, in order to integrate sustained improvements and goal-oriented modifications into the business processes of the company.

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