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Meaning of Coaching: For an effective coaching, the interpersonal relations are very important. Openness and confidence are basis for a successful cooperation.

Management: JL escorts prospective executives on their way to management/projectmanagement and gives support for future tasks. They profit by JL's view from outside and acquire the necessary tools and procedures.


  • The client wants coaching
  • The need for coaching in the current project and in the leading position
  • Searching for new, alternative ways and solutions
  • Demand for improvements in project control, management, processes and structures

On-site implementation:

  • Definition of the roles for project manager or executives with JL
  • Usage of suitable tools and control instruments
  • Regular reviews ensure sustainability

The goal:

  • Effective communication with all involved parties (teams, customers, principals)
  • Acquisition of management skills for control, regulation, motivation, feedback
  • Optimal work organization, delegation of tasks and responsibility

Your advantage:

  • Individual efficient and effective coaching on site with the current project or management tasks
  • Transformation of theories into praxis - "learning by doing"
  • The financial effort is quickly rewarded by securing the project and management activities

Individuals for professional and self-development: New tasks require changes. Humans must never stop in their development, as it will never be completed.
JL gives helpful suggestions for a guideline to personal development.

Company succession: An important subject, that is often underestimated or approached to late. The conflict potential between two generations, the problem of adherence and release. - The transfer and accepting of knowledge between Senior- and Junior-entrepreneurs in small and midsize businesses is often associated with strong tensions. JL accompanies you on the way to achieve your objectives.

Successful coaching excercised at ELHA, Zeppelin and others.

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