Find The Gap Method
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Find The Gap Method


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JL helps
find the gaps,
close them and

increase the efficiency!

„Find the Gap" sounds trivial for most people but many mistakes and unscheduled costs arise by gaps in system, process, project, structure etc. To close a gap means to use room for improvement respectively exclude risks. In many cases gaps in the communication are the cause of failures and deficits. Even the best routine work, the most reliable checklists and good organization can not reveal all gaps early enough.

The „Find The Gap Method" is simple but it requires the courage of the participants. Searching the gaps occurs aside from the usual instruments for controlling time, costs and tasks. By means of deliberate consultation of outsiders the project status is to be analyzed, questioned and all varieties of possible disturbing factors and project progressions are reviewed. The learning organization passes on knowledge and references at an early stage. Gaps can not wait and need to be identified early enough and closed by adequate measures.

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