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International Business Development


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Companies like
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We do the preliminary work for you


There can be a multitude of reasons for an international cooperation and the development of a joint venture. Business expansions into the international market, because the home market is fully developed. Strengthening of your market position through serious long term partnerships or the establishment of a independent branch. New business possibilities between german and foreign companies can be developed utilizing the worldwide contacts of JL International and its country and cultural experience.

To reach your goals, JL International will act as your agent from the initial steps of international business development until the finalized export process. With technical know-how and multicultural abilities, and a global network of local experts, associations and chambers of commerce. JL offers you an individual consulting service, tailored to your needs from the beginning steps until the successful execution.

JL International does it for you. With targeted product and market analysis, company and country research as well as precise selection, JL International presents you with a selection of appropriate partners in the right country that are interested in a long term lucrative expansion with your company. The newly developed cooperation between the partners is decisive for an active and long term business relationship. JL accompanies and evaluates with you the available partnerships. A meeting of the partners accompanied by JL will show if the chemistry is right.

Services offered by JL International:

  1. Research of the market and competitive situation in the target country
  2. Establishment of a pool of potential partners and selection with the management
  3. Organisation of all meetings with the potential partners
  4. Evaluation of the candidates and selection with the management
  5. Support during the contract negotiations and definition of the contract details
  6. Organisation of subsidiary companies, Joint Ventures and cooperations
  7. Technical consulting for product modifications for the target market if necessary
  8. Developing the marketing strategy with contract partner and management
  9. Support for implementation of initial marketing activities and setting up the sales organisation
  10. Continuative support of the international business relation if necessary

Which investments will be necessary ?

If the desire and the right product for the new focused market is present, the development of the international business can proceed in a successful and sustainable fashion even with a small budget. The establishment of an independent branch, a joint venture company with equity capital, a high level of investment and additional staff is possible but not necessary. An agency or cooperation with an internationally established partner can be run without capital commitment and low startup costs, to be equally successful within a manageable timeframe.

JL International operates with country specialists in a global network that covers all industrial and emerging nations.

A trustworthy business connection to the customer is maintained by JL International and offers you continuing professional support in the execution of your company goals.

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