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What constructive lateral thinking means for JL


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Constructive lateral thinking
to activate potentials
-- JL --

The Lateral Thinker
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Constructive lateral thinking is meant as a positive and furthering lateral thinking

To examine the circumstances from the outside with an uncommitted view is not only the duty of JL. Your employees shall be encouraged to consideration, to mentally move away from the traditional processes and obtain comprehension for the view from outside. This attitude is usually a necessary precondition to develop new constructive ideas, to identify gaps and room for improvment.

It is thereby permitted to question ancestral ideas and established procedures, in order to advance and prepare the participants for furthering improvements.

The willingness to apply unusual methods and to introduce new and unfamiliar procedures develops alternatives, arises potentials, shows weak points and stimulates furthering solutions. Eventually, lateral thinking is a mean to provide economic and social benefit for all participants and to present additional value for your customers.

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