Personality Coaching

A very personal coaching, i.e. more related to the person and less to his actions, can take place in "Spiritual Coaching". Advice is completely excluded, because it is primarily about the coachee finding his own path of development, approaching his desired personal goal in conscious manageable steps, feeling better and acting more appropriately.

In Spiritual Coaching, the higher inner consciousness is meant to influence inner personality and evolved personal patterns of the coachee. A balanced inner consciousness enables the coachee to better control and develop himself. It takes a certain courage of the coachee to look into the deepest inner self and to talk about it in order to gradually understand himself better.

There are many possible approaches, methods and even more opinions about personality coaching. For me, the art is choosing the right method and implementing it with patience. This is without me as a coach being involved in the solution, because the coachee solves the problem himself. I only help the coachee to find new perspectives.

Spiritual coaching takes place on the personal meta-level of the coachee. This has nothing in common with manipulative influence from the outside or any esoteric ideologies and is clearly distinguished from them. The coachee remains "master of his senses", - he refines and affirms "his control in the superior inner consciousness".

Coaching for you, your individual topics and development needs?

Coaching can happen at your home, office or any other place you wish.