Process Management

Interested customer: "Why process management? - The business is running smoothly after all!"

Jochen Langenberger: "Is your business really running smoothly in all parts of the company? Or are there recurring disruptions that should and could be eliminated?"

Customer: "Yes, sure, but we don't have time for that right now."

Jochen Langenberger: "Process management should always be functioning in a company!"

In process management, I am clearly referring to the business processes of a company. In a matching structure, they should stand in relation to each other for the most efficient and effective organization possible. An organization that does not allow recurring obstructive gaps.

Together with my clients, I determine the current state of the present processes in order to identify the output and the potential for improvement and to question them again and again:


Process management must make processes transparent, stable and as simple as possible. A shared acceptance must be achieved among all those involved in the process. Winning them over is my constant endeavor. This is the only way a newly designed target process has a chance of being accepted and implemented to enable the desired improved state.

In the sum of all processes, an increasingly process-oriented organization should be more effective and thus more competitive. For you as well as for me, the primary question at the beginning and at the end is always: