Constructive lateral thinking

Don't "whitewash" but address serious issues clearly!

Observing the situation from outside with a detached view is not Jochen Langenberger's sole task. Your employees should also be motivated to think, be led out of their usual processes and gain an understanding for the external perspective. This attitude is usually a good complementary prerequisite for developing new constructive ideas and discovering potential for improvement.

To see clearly, changing one's perspective is often enough.
(Antoine des Saint Exupery)

Traditional ideas may be questioned to a certain extent in order to carefully develop them further and to open the participants for progressive changes, to critically question things and to have the courage to clearly state the newly gained view.

The willingness of your employees to work with other methods and to go down paths that have never been trodden creates alternatives, awakens potential, reveals weak points and promotes solutions that lead to progress. Ultimately, constructive lateral thinking must serve the cause, create an economic and social advantage for you, offer additional benefits for your customers and protect resources and the environment.

You & Jochen Langenberger – Constructive lateral thinking together