International Expansion

International expansion is mainly focused on the continent of North America. The specialization results from my years of work in the US for Dürr Environmental Inc., where I managed customer projects mainly in North America but also Europe and Asia. I gained a deep understanding of the US-American business culture. This is very important for starting an expansion into the North American continent.

Foreign expansions in other German and English language areas are possible, often including country-specific partners.

My first approach

  •     Research of the market situation in the target country
  •     Search for sales opportunities of the client's products and services
  •     Pre-selection of possible market accesses
  •     Pre-selection and contacting of potential partners in the target country 

The resulting options for action are based on solid market data and reliable statements from market participants. Through a pre-selection of potential partners and an assessment of market conditions, my client receives solid facts as a basis for decision-making. This enables him to make the decision for or against a specific international expansion.

In the case of a promising expansion, this is implemented together with the customer in a coherent business development.

Joint further procedure

  •     Contact deepening
  •     Strategy development
  •     Contract design
  •     Company foundation
  •     Marketing adjustments
  •     Active and consulting sales support 

It needs up-to-date knowledge, versatile experience and good cultural understanding to find the right strategy for an international expansion. It's important to think big in order to start small: