Further development & supervision in Project Management

A common reason for the further development of project management is that the existing project management reaches its limits. With increasing complexity of projects, many employees are overwhelmed. It becomes necessary to establish full time project managers in an accepted project management organization. I encounter this situation again and again. The client needs professional project management.

Some of the complex projects are already in a critical phase in terms of deadlines and costs. In this case I accompany the project managers to a quick overview of the current project status. At the points of concern, I go into depth with them in order to jointly derive options for action. This is the initial development of project management "on the job".

In this role I am the supervisor, sometimes towards the client's customer also interim "Head of Project Management". Internally, I am a business consultant and professional coach at the same time. On the one hand, to get critical projects back on track as quickly as possible. On the other hand, to coach the project managers and project teams as well as to further develop project management in the entire company.

The existing project management with reporting, methods and tools is reviewed and, wherever it is necessary, supplemented and improved. Structural changes are usually necessary for the implementation.

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