Project Management Structure

The industrial changes of our time mean that companies have to meet more specific requirements of their customers as ever before. They expect customized solutions that offer maximum cost-optimized productivity with consistent quality. For some companies, there is a trend away from standard to mainly customized solutions.

This external change requires an internal change in the companies: From the classic line organization with many routines for standard serial products to a process-oriented matrix organization for unique products. Thereby order projects can become larger and more complex over time. New urgent challenges for secure communication and controlled risks arise. Professional project management which is integrated and accepted company-wide becomes increasingly necessary.

My commitment to the client is the joint development of adapted corporate structures and processes for Project Management. In addition, I train and coach the project managers. The responsibilities in the matrix between line management and project management have to be coordinated. It is much more than the integration of cross-sectional processes, methods and tools of project management. A "project management office" (PMO) may be necessary. The uniqueness of each project must become normality. This requires a huge shift in thinking, which I initiate and implement with my client. This is often accompanied by a cultural change in the company.

I work with you to build the project management and PMO that is suitable for you. With optimized effort to realize the projects quickly and reliable.

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