Lean Management

Lean management is a very broad term, as there are many different characteristics. It can be used on its own or as an addition and support for other management systems. It is essential that Lean Management is applied in a holistic manner. Only then the desired sustainable improvements will unfold. With high methodological competence and my instinct grown over the years, I apply the appropriate tools based on Lean.

In the next higher level, "Lean Leadership", I take directional influence on the motivation and inspiration of people. Hereby I also encourage your employees to take on new challenges. Thus they are more involved in the entrepreneurial co-creation of the future. Together we create an overview, identify the "hotspots" and causes and activate improving measures.

In doing so, I take into account not only the visible elements (knowledge, skills, behavior, structures, processes, products) but also the invisible elements (thinking, feeling, attitude, values, culture, relationships). The invisible elements have a great influence on personal attitudes, decisions and acceptance. With Lean Leadership I effectuate a broader future-oriented awareness, a "new mindset". For a successfully established Lean Leadership, my view from the outside, my certification as a coach and my experience as a process manager are of great benefit.

The advantages of Lean Management can be used in all companies regardless of business type, company size, products and services. You too can use Lean Management to act better, faster, more flexible and safer in the future. Get in touch with me, Jochen Langenberger, your Certified Lean Manager.