Co@ching Undercover

Once a coach - always a coach!

„Undercover“ Co@ching, means:

As a coach, I am involved in every project management and consulting assignment. Hereby my coaching function is indirectly used permanently. This influences the implementation of the assignment in a positive way and thus creates direct added value for the customer. This added value is an enrichment for employees and companies.

The basis for my coaching view, which is integrated and always active in the background, lies in the extensive coaching education with Dr. Klaus Peter Horn in Munich. The Program "Spiritual Coaching" with its many different facets shapes the personality and increases the social competence. There is an increase in sensitivity, which allows verbal and non-verbal signals to be recognized and interpreted.

From this, the basics and conclusions for the consultation can be derived. Combined with my pragmatic and consistent approach they are leading to the goal. Thus the right things are initiated and implemented unerringly.

Coaching is therefore always part of the process, whether officially as a coaching session or as part of the conversation with specialists and managers. For this reason, successful managers like to be coached by me. 

For them I am a conversational partner for detached abstract considerations, which they would otherwise not find in the company. A consultant with experience in life and industry as well as a coach with a view from the outside and the gift of being able to go deep into their companies mentally.

Would you like to experience a Co@ching Undercover?