Q U E R D E N K E R     Roswitha Schober   www.roswithaschober.de   Gouache on canvas   100 x 100 cm


Discovering the „Lateral Thinker“ (Querdenker)

It was a sunny day in early 2007 when I visited the artist Roswitha Schober in her studio in Böblingen. It was also the day of her vernissage with the exhibition of her paintings in gouache on canvas on sometimes critical, inspiring, thoughtful and also lively themes of the present time and long-completed history. Expressively strong, from gloomy to joyful, in the transitional nuances of the gouache play of colours.

The guests, friends and acquaintances, all very interested in Roswitha's art, were invited. After a short time, everyone was amazed by the large-size creativity of the artist, in whose paintings the feelings of her eventful life are reflected to some extent in her own series of themes. Those who know Roswitha, and I have known her since my youth - she, at that time as an aspiring graphic designer, who found her way to pure art via the path of an art therapist - know that she is a very special person who is always striving for new artistic achievements.

I entered a side room of the exhibition and discovered the strangely abstract-looking square painting with the dark blue spike coming through it from the left - no, rather stabbing! Two beams floating crosswise in the air? I sat down in an armchair to relax and let the painting "Querdenker" have its effects on me. My thought was "That suits ME!" I too think laterally, stir something up, take off and land, then network to create something new! I didn't find the painting, the painting found me! It's an US!