Interim Management

Interim management is usually a challenge to quickly and safely dive into a company and or a project. For this I am required to:

  • Defining the goals, scope, risks, opportunities...
  • Defining a transparent task structure of the parties involved
  • Motivating all parties involved to work together as partners
  • Appropriate leadership in different situations
  • Targeted use of conflict management

This is where my experience and knowledge gained over decades comes into play, in which crisis situations were immediately recognized and managed. My training as a certified coach has also raised this to a higher level. It enables me to clearly grasp situations and areas of tension and to interpret them with confidence. In close cooperation with my client we take the following steps:

  • Rapid and secure documentation of the current situation
  • Maneuvering the project out of its difficulties in order to prevent failure
  • Pre-selection of the necessary changes with the management
  • Coordination of the necessary measures with the client's customer
  • Joint crisis management up to the desired target state

More than this, my instinct and healthy intuition, which have grown over the years, are essential. It is a matter of making target-oriented decisions and getting all parties involved to act appropriately.

„What you recount isn't enough, it only counts what you achieved!“